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Friday, December 30, 2011

New Years Reflections

This year has made me feel like I've stumbled upon a new life and perspective that accompanies motherhood. For my New Years I will not focus on Resolutions but I will look back on everything that made everything else possible this year. These are the things that I will Reflect on in motherhood.

New Years Reflections:


Wednesday, December 28, 2011

My Favorite Things(holiday edition)

Going to see The Nutcracker.

Ghirardelli christmas bark candy

Yankee Candle Spiced Pumpkin candles

Yankee Candle Farmers Market candle

Candy Flavored Candy Canes

The sweet aroma of pine cones


Gingerbread Cookies

Apple Cider

Christmas Lights

Eggnog +
Ginger ale= yummy holiday drink

Of course a classic

The smell of gift wrap


Andes Mints
Another Christmas comedy!
A childhood favorite.
Love this Song!

Beautifully decorated white christmas trees

Thursday, December 22, 2011

Mommy's Christmas List

Dear Santa mommy's have wishes too! Here is my Christmas list I promise I have tried to be good this year. These are the things I hope for:
1. Plastic covered walls, floors and furniture.
2. A plastic bubble to put Cam in to block out unnecessary germs.
3. A mommy vacation.
4.Successful potty training before age two.
5. To exercise without Cam thinking it's a tag game.
6. To wake up with the same natural energy that Cam has when he wakes up.
7. For people (especially strangers) to know to ask mommy before offering candy (hard, big candy pieces especially).
8. For Cam to wash himself up at least once a week, so mommy can be spared a back ache.
9. To next year put the Christmas tree up way before we are down to one week before Christmas.
10. More coupons!
11. More energy!
12. Better time management or more hours in the day.
13. The desire to at least like to wash dishes, so I wont feel like I'm cutting myself slowly while slaving over the sink.
14. Next time for it to be a girl.
15. For Cam to stop growing so fast.
16. For Cam's intelligence to not catch up with mine before he turns two!

And  oh I know there's plenty more to add but so far these are the most significant things that I can come up with....... that is for the present time. Until them Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to everyone! God Bless


Tuesday, December 20, 2011

A mother's epiphany.

"After having my child I'm learning more and more how my existence revolves around him and his existence depends on mine."


Friday, December 16, 2011

On The Last Bar

So now I say how my phone feels when I using it and I exert it so much that after talking and texting and making outgoing calls on it for a few hours it responds with one single bar left, in desperate need of recharging. Well, now I'm starting to see the older they get the more active they get and the more I become like my cell phone. Work here, play there, clean this, feed me, bathe me, clothe me, feed yourself, bathe yourself, clothe yourself, make time for hobbies, make time for husband and wife time, write this, schedule this, check on this.....blah blah blah and etc.... until BAM! My battery has been running wild and I realize at that particular time of the day I am down to one more bar until my battery dies. Everybody needs recharging and it's important for me to remember sometimes that I need to stop and put myself on the charger because noone can run on a one bar battery. Not even me. So, it's important to know when you are ON THE LAST BAR and in need of recharging. A dead battery has no use for anyone or anything.


Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Turning bath time into a toddler's water land.

What do you get when you add water, a shallow filled bathtub, a nice long detachable shower head, and Camden? You get swimming, independent shower spraying, dancing, belly rolling, water on the floor, laughs, big splashes, belly flops and good clean fun.......literally! Bath time has gotten remixed at the Miller's residence.

Monday, November 28, 2011

Don't call me Denise call me Mommy!

Yes it is the time of exploration for my baby. I cannot break his habit of spontaneously greeting me with "Denise". As my son becomes more familiar with names, titles and faces he has also not only become very familiar with my name being "mommy" but he is also familiar with my other name: Denise or "Nise". At times we go back and forth (making me further believe that my little boy knows that one name overrules the other but this  new found name for "mommy" is a gold mine for him):
Camden: "Nise"
Me: "Mommy"
Camden: "Nise"
Me: "Mommy"
Camden: "De-nise"
Me: "Mommy"
Camden: *giggles*

Oh another work in progress as I giggle to myself. The boy has got a great sense of humor and the fun begins!


My baby is going through a milk phase! Although his very frequent requests for milk have come out of the blue, I am proud that he has gotten out of the juice phase. He's falling in love all over again. In the past week I can't even recall hearing him blurt out one of his favorite words "juice!". Just hearing the word "milk" replace the constant call of "juice" brings joy to my ears and eases my anxiety of more sugar=more hyperactivity as well as bad teeth and cavities! Hip hip Hooray for muscles, strong bones and nice teeth! Lol! Goodbye extra sugar intake. Now if we can only tackle a water phase........ still a work in progress.


Saturday, November 26, 2011

The Best Things In Life: For Mommies and Stay at Home Mommies

  • Having mommy friends
  • Playdates
  • Baby successfully getting the hang of potty training
  • Babysitters
  • Parents
  • Bubbles
  • Space, space and more space
  • Naptime
  • Mommy's Day Out
  • Mommies Clubs and Groups
  • Hubby's days off!
  • Music
  • Clean House
  • Time, space and silence while cleaning the house
  • Sundays
  • Comfortable beds
  • Dinners with no food on the floor or all over baby
  • Conversations with little one
  • Letting little one run free in the park
  • Painting first pieces of art
  • Watching little one play with other little one's
  • Watching little sleep
  • Hearing: "Mommy"
  • Hugs and kisses

Sunday, November 20, 2011

Learning What It Takes To Be A Mother

  • Sacrificing sleeping in on Saturdays.
  • It's work and NOONE ever says it's easy (that's not said for aa reason I see).
  • Becoming familiar with the sight of toys EVERYWHERE and always coming from every direction.
  • Sacrificing your "alone and quiet" bathroom time.
  • Mastering the art form of lifting strollers, baby and diaper bag.
  • Serious multi-tasking.
  • Sacrificing an always spotless house.
  • Exploring the ups and downs and magic tricks of potty training.
  • What's mine.....they always want: SHARING ALOT MORE (in lamest terms).
  • Experiencing the touch, smell and sight of every baby body fluid.
  • Being in love on a completely different level than I've ever experienced before.
  • Mommy timeouts are essential to try to avoid mommy breakdowns and blackouts.
  • Becoming accustomed to packing EVERYTHING lightly.
  • Sugar replacements.
  • Choosing quality time over smaller priorities, then trying to juggle the smaller priorities after the fact.
  • Making time away significant in some sense.
  • Going ALL THE WAY OUTSIDE OF YOURSELF each day because you are now not only just living for you, you are sharing your existence with someone else who looks to you and up to you for everything.
  • Loving every little moment that you may have overlooked before you were a mother.
  • Seeing that there is another reason to live, to be the best and to be thankful.
  • When the two of you are sick, they are always the immediate sick one, you're sickness can wait until next week. There's no battle between the sickness', his/her sickness always wins.
  • Growth in vocabulary and disposal of some old vocabulary choice words.
  • Couldn't imagine my life without him and really don't want to.

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

The small feats of the day.

Yesterday was a day that had presented me with a challenge. What do you get when you add up these things? Stroller, 17 month old son 24 lb. son, job interview, a flight of metal stairs with concrete at the bottom, high heels, purse, diaper bag, a 5 minute walk up the street and another small flight of stairs. That sums up to an exhausted, out of shape mommy who overcame a small and another familiar feat of motherhood. Raise your glasses mommy to the small feats of the day that eventually get conquered.


Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Voc-a-bu-lary!!!! Cam's newfound vocabulary.

1. Yummy
2. Funny
3. Nise! (My nickname from family and friends.)
4. Bubblesh (bubbles)
5. Thank you
6. Good Morning
7. Gabba (Yo Gabba gabba)
8. Sesame (sesame street)
9. Jump (while attempting to jump up and down)
10. Knock knock.....who is it
11. Camden
12. Goodnight
13. Hello
14.Car....beep beep
15. Bird......tweet tweet
16. Awwe wow!
17. Awesome!
18. Comin in (new teeth coming in)
19. No No!
20. Hot
21. Hands
22. Cat
23. Leaf
24. Apple juice
25. Amen
26. Happened(what happened?)
27. Book
28. Mom
29. Peekaboo
30. Sleepy
31. Shower
32. Pee Pee
33. Hair, head, eyes, ears, nose, foot, mouth
34. Shoe, sock, pants, shirt
35. Drum
36. Train.....choo choo!
37. Veggietales
38. Go
39. Tv
40. Music
41. I get you
42. Whoa!
43. Awwe man!
44. Outside
45. Dog......woof woof
46. Chair
47. Bye bye
48. Please
49. Pumpkin
50. Ewwww!
51. Happy Birthday
52. Hey You!
53. Potty
54. Diapah (diaper)
55. All Done
56. Light
57. Nice
58. Oh Boy!
59. Read
60. Come earr (come here)
61. Oopsy
62. Wheeee!
63. Color
64. *And my all time favorite*.... I love you.

Didn't realize it was soo many words and these are not even all of them, these are just all the words that come to mind. My little talker.


Sunday, November 6, 2011


So my precious baby boy has made his first attempt to jump out of his crib while alone in the room and quite frankly he succeeded in his attempt. Scared straight I soon attached myself to the anxieties that come with having a 17 month old that has figured out how to climb out of the bed. Although the crib bar was raised (literally) to resolve this frightful issue, I still was scarred from that crib jumping incident. Every night I wake up multiple times almost jumping completely out of the covers to peek over and check on Cam. Each time scaring my husband half to death. Most recently I had this dream that all three of us were sleeping outside in front of an old family members house (cam sleeping on the porch and my hubby and I sleeping at the bottom of the porch steps) and we wake up to see Cam tumbling down. UGHHHH! This is really nerve wrecking. Well obviously this crib jumping is considered quite normal (scary but normal) and it's been a growing trend for years. Ohhh the toddler years fun fun not so fun times and adventures. What do you have up next for me?


Saturday, September 17, 2011

Woe Daycare

A sense of relief hit me this morning as my baby boy chewed on his piece of toast and took a few sips of pedialite and kept them down. No vomit, No diarrhea yay!!! Proud mommy yes indeed. My baby was on the way to a speedy recovery after being struck with a stomach virus that's been obviously going around at his daycare. As much as I hate leaving my baby at daycare, this little sick experience makes me that much more hesitant to take him back up there Monday morning. Woe daycare.  So conflicted right now, but thanking God that my baby is a trooper and beat that tummy bug with a smile and a good amount of humor.


Sunday, August 14, 2011


The older my Cam gets, the more I find myself watching what I say and do while I'm around him. As the months fly by I tend to almost miss the instant moment in time where he learns or figures out something new. So, with that being said I tend to forget how much he is starting to observe and absorb every single thing that is said and done around or in front of him. Oh! My little sponge...... so, here's a list of words that I have to give up for the sake of my Cam.

Horrible and habitual words that have to go bye bye:

1. Shut-up
2. Stupid
3. Give me
4. Mine

Replacement words that have taken over my poor, at-home, lazy/ shortcut vocabulary:

1. Instead of shut-up I now use: Be quiet or Shhhhhh!
2. Oppose to describing something that is frustrating: stupid I now say: Absolutely nothing or just whisper it to myself.
3. Instead of saying give me (while ironically trying to teach my son manners) I now say: May I have that please and then I will say "thank you."
4. Last but not least when I want my little boy to know when something is not his and is mommy's I will say: That is yours because you asked nicely for it and this is mommy's because I worked for it!!!


Saturday, July 30, 2011

My Mommyisms (signature moments in mommyhood)

  • My Cam took his first independent walk at 10 months old and now he's mastered running. lol!
  • My Cam made his first pee pee in the potty at 13 months old. A  and a half week later were trying real hard to catch that 4th pee pee in the potty! But we are staying hopeful. LOL!
  • I like when he says "mommy" (which he just started saying) instead of "mama".
  • He can say "maama" (grandma) and "pawpaw" (grandaddy).
  • He tries to sing his abc's.
  • He took his first dive in the pool.
  • My baby is becoming quite the little singer and dancer. Trying to imitate and keep up with mommy and daddy.
  • He now greets visitors with "Hi baby" and then when they make their exit it's "Bye baby."
  • Every animal he sees is "Cookie".
  • He knows how to say "dirty" when he sees something that's and when mommy (me) doesn't let him get his way.
  • Pawpaw or daddy is sometimes called 'papi" or "papiya". So the spanish toys are obviously working!
  • He wakes up in the morning with great conversation starting each one of with "hi baby" or "Cookie".
  • He now enjoys great conversations, singing and dancing with mommy, helping mommy "try " to clean, playing his instruments, talking on the phone, taking showers and getting his little hand and feet kissed by yours
  • Every joke he now gets and laughs along with even when he's asleep in his crib!
  • He blows kisses back and hugs.

           Love my Cam!


Sunday, July 17, 2011

Mommy Equations

1. Latin dance workout for mommy+Holding baby while doing it=fun workout.
2. Mommy reading Where's Spot+Baby helping mommy ready=smart kid and conversation starter for mommy LOL!
3. Low energy day for mommy+high energy day for baby=interestingly worth avoiding phone calls and also worth passing out at the end of the day.
4. Rocking baby in arms at 11:00 p.m.+6 am getup in the morning workday to follow=priceless and cherished.


Saturday, July 16, 2011

Thank God for sleeping babies(and deeply hidden energy boosts).

As the late night, early morning hit me in the dead of my sleep I suddenly woke up with a surge of energy. I had drilled into my mind what I would do (or should I say what I had planned to do) after work. I refused to once again go home on a Friday evening play with Cam, tend to Cam's needs, hang out with hubby then go to sleep. Not again! So, as I lifted my head up and talked my hubby into dreamland, I decided to get my butt out of bed and do what I said I would. Yes! It was the perfect time and opportunity to be productive. I swept, mopped, scrubbed, wiped down mirrors, cleaned toilet bowls and tanks, created new jewelry pieces, edited my ever so growing list of errands and needed household items for the weekend and of course but last but not least I got on my blogs and I WROTE! Feeling of accomplishment at 4:00 in the morning: Check!  The opportunity for me to do all the things I set out to do this weekend has finally been fully taken advantage of and it was all due to my insane burst of energy, my sleeping hubby and my sleeping baby! Thank you God for sleeping babies.


Thursday, July 14, 2011

What's yours is mine........ALL MINE ALL THE TIME!

Many many years ago my mother gave me a fair warning of a future with kids. I no words and all actions that warning invisibly spelled out: WHAT WAS ONCE YOURS IS NOW THIERS! Now since my Cam has gotten a little older and alot wiser, he is now showing me the meaning of those very invisible words. If I got it, he wants it. If I look at it, he's watching me look at it. If I'm tasting or opening it he's sneaking right up next to me saying his charming plea "Hi Baby" (yes that is what he says when he wants something and on special occasions he may throw in a "please or pese" lol) Oh it's just another one of the many joys of being a mommy! But what makes it even cuter in his own special Cam way is that he loves to share too! So all in all no hope is lost and there is no need to fret over not being able to enjoy a meal for myself, because my baby returns the favor in his own little special way!


Friday, July 1, 2011

Cam's Domain

What was once our house
is no longer our house anymore
our house has turned into a toy factory
for little boys or should I say Cam's Domain!
From the sippy cups, the instruments, the bath toys and much more
It's easy to see why we rarely get bored
The television has been overtaken by Sprout, Nick Jr and Kids Tunes
Cam has claimed his domain
so I guess it's time for us to move!

Sunday, June 12, 2011

Mommy's Guilty Pleasures

Silk brand Almond Milk
*My son loves it and its also just as good for you as milk is if  not better.  It's all natural, tons of nutrients with no preservatives and it's also an alternative for those who are lactose intolerant.*
Diaper changing pad
*Very sanitary when it comes to public restrooms and when your out and about and there isn't a changing table available.*

Plaid shorts
*They're just soooo cute!*

Veggie Tales dvd
*It serves 2 purposes: It teaches stories from the bible in a fun way and it also has good songs and keeps my son sitting still and focused for a minute. lol!*

Aveeno sunblock lotion with oatmeal.
*My son is prone to exzema so I have to be careful what  I use on his skin. This sunblock is not too harsh for his skin, it protects him in the sun and also smells good thanks to the oatmeal, haha.*

Parent's Choice wash and shampoo
*It's 2 in 1 and very affordable and it also lasts for quite a while. Works just as good as brand name shampoo and wash.*

9 0z. Elmo sippy cup with straw
*My son loves Elmo and loves drinking from a straw, so I found this and he loves it!*

Nashville Parent Guide
*To see family and child events happening in my area*

Pampers 12 hour overnight protection diapers
*My favorite brand of diaper. It keeps my Cam dry for a good amount of time.*


*My son loves the hip music and the colors and I must admit hubby and I might like this show a little bit more than Camden does! Lol!*

Friday, April 1, 2011


Top Ten Things That New Mommy’s Fall Victim To:

1. Catching all the popular kid shows on On Demand.
2. Memorizing and having favorite toddler tunes on the local toddler tunes channel.
3. Learning new lullabies to sing a long to.
4. Smiling at every thing someone does to and with your baby.
5. Spending over an hour in Babies R' Us when you originally only went there to get two or three items, then coming out with six items instead.
6. Choosing one nickname that eventually turns into about 10,000 nicknames, and that’s just from mommy!
7. Having to go on the prowl to hunt for new mommy friends and play dates.
8. Sharing everything on my plate that tastes good to baby.
9. Having to find creative ways to keep baby from grabbing his poop while changing  poopy diapers.
10. Loving baby way too much, wanting another one of the opposite sex and then forgetting the pain of childbirth.



Tuesday, March 29, 2011

The Greatest Smile I've ever known. An ode to Camden.

It is the greatest smile I've ever known
It came when least expected and through ironic circumstance
The chance to make plans for a full time, lifetime job that seemed very demanding
And now at times patience seems out of reach
But each time those eyes look into mine
My mind can't even continue to be in a state of frustration
Cause patience will come and go
And I know that at the end of each day
It will all come with a price that only a laugh or a hug will pay
His energy is limitless, extensive
and tension can stress but the best part about it
is the smile that he puts on my face
as he plays, as he learns, as he says
Mommy, ga ga, nana and dada
The moments get more and more priceless
While moving quick at the same time
As the months continue to incline
I sit and cherish every last minute
That I'm in it
Because it will only last for so long
As that first year creeps up on me fast
But he will always make me ecstatic
Just knowing that when he came into my zone
I've gotten to experience the greatest smile I've ever known.

Love you Cam!


Thursday, March 24, 2011

This or that? What to do while they're sleeping!

I never thought that the hardest but most excited question that I would one day have to present to myself with would be: What do I do now that my baby is sleep? Honestly, the answer seems as if it should be the easiest answer to find but in all mommy reality (well for me) it's the most flustering question to answer. Now of course there are a variety of things that I certainly would like to accomplish and finish while my little Camden is awoke but as soon as he's sleep it's like a fight to the death amongst all the possible answers or should I say activities I have permission to openly participate in (now that he's sleep). Things like writing a story, a poem or a song, sitting back to enjoy a favorite movie or tv show in peace and quiet and with all my attention, designing or making jewelry, sketching, working on some new dance moves, doing research on google(haha) catching up with an old friend or relative without me or Cam constantly going back in forth interrupting my telephone conversation, conversing or having chill time with my hubby without being screamed and yelled at, recording music, taking a nap, getting up to get food without being yelled and screamed at or simply just watching my fast growing little baby sleep so peacefully. While baby is sleep I usually and very automatically go for one of these pastimes (which is all so very false) but the things that I yearn to do the most while he's woke I often fulfill while he is woke I just don't really get to put all my focus on it like I would want to, but I try to manage my time wisely and still attend to his adventures in growing and knowing mommy. So, when he's sleep most of the time I just lay him right on my chest and watch him until I feel comfortable enough to let him get away from me and into his crib. When it's all said and done this answer and activity beats all the rest because he wont be this small, this precious and this dependent forever, so I'll embrace it now.      



Wednesday, March 23, 2011

A Typical Day in The Life of Camden

Good Morning Mommy, Daddy!

After Breakfast we take some time out for music time.

Now it's time to check emails before Sesame Street comes on!
And check my blog!
Dance Time! Daily Workout!
After Lunch Time I sit and wonder what mischief can I create hmmmm.........
I'll let mommy think she can rest for a few minutes while I bite her finger.
Then read her a book. How about Peter Pan she might like that!
Then I'll get my way!
And after she gets a little frustrated with my tantrums I'll sit on the floor and look super cute.
Snack Time!
Ummm I'm not interested in this fruit.
But I will enjoy this juice!
Uh Oh! Fruit overload.
I think I'll give mommy A little break now!

Daddy's Home! He wants to show off my shoes. Oh brother, I just wanna play.

Hi Five Mommy! Hey, I gotta keep her motivated!

Dinner time! I'd rather eat this than what mommy and Daddy give me for dinner!
I'll help mommy with the laundry!
Is she looking?
Let's see how this sock tastes!
She caught me! Back to work!
Now which drawer do the socks go into?
Finished just in time for me to catch one of my favorite shows.
Ahhh what a day. I'm pooped!

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