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Monday, January 31, 2011

As They Get Older The Cry Gets Worse!

One question.........WHY?

Too many people!

Over the weekend Camden and I took a little weekend trip to Grandma's house. While we were there we had a blast. My grandparents, aunts, uncle and cousin came over to the house to see Camden and to cook, eat and chat. Now Camden being the shy and quiet baby he is (NOT) he began to cry hysterically when everyone came over. He didn't want anyone to hold him, play with him or even look at him. I couldn't leave the room or distance myself from him without him bursting out in tears. I was so flustered and couldn't even really enjoy family time because Camden's cry was barking over everyone's conversation. They say that at this age babies develop a separation anxiety but MAN or should I say WOMAN! When will it end!


Thursday, January 27, 2011


Sitting here with Camden listening to the toddler tunes channel and I caught myself remixing one of the toddler tunes (by which I know most of them by heart and even have my favorites hence Bob The Builder). Last night decided to play some music to liven up the atmosphere while company was over. Immediately and unconsciously turned to what! THE TODDLER TUNES CHANNEL. LOL! Of course he and my husband laughed at me. I even had to laugh at myself. S.M.H but in a good way I guess. Ha ha!



Uh oh! Some body's woke! Hi Cam

It's been an accomplished day, taking care of business outside and inside of the home today. Did it all on about two hours of sleep from the night before, now I'm feeling it. Just as I start to really feel it Camden wakes up (3:00 in the a.m.) and believes that it's play time. So, he's talking in his big, strong voice, trying to climb up the couch and then down off the couch out of my lap, laughing at anything I do and being super cute by smiling and making cute faces. Obviously trying to fight me on going back to sleep so, nonetheless I have no choice but to fight my sleepies too! Hopefully my body won't break down because my brain is standing on it's one last leg (ha ha)! Ughhhhh! I'm ready to scream but the parenting newsletter I read earlier today informed me of how baby is stressed when mommy is stressed or anxious. Don't want my Cam stressed and I sure don't want to be stressed either over something so juvenile and actually hilarious! Woooosah! Deep breath. Instead of screaming I'll just pray. Thank you Lord for this mommy lesson! Amen. Goodnight, one luv and God Bless.


Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Excuse Me Everybody's Name Is Not Camden And they're Not Your Son!

Nowadays and for a while now it seemed as if everyone's name was Cam or at least Cam was becoming the unconsciously replacement for everyone. Not purposely of course! Camden just seemed to be getting the majority of my attention and my main focus. Too many times my brother has came over or my niece cookie(sister in laws puppy) has been in the room and their names automatically and unconsciously get changed to Cam or poo poo accidentally of course. There have been times when I've even called my husband Cam. You would think that it couldn't get any worse than that but unfortunately it does. There are, LOOK CAREFULLY, ALOT of instances where I have went into full force baby voice/talk while in conversation with adults (again unconsciously). Saying things such as no no or mommy has to go to the bathroom real quick, hush hush, or mommy has to clean up Pooh Pooh. It's horrible but I guess the good thing is that it seems to be hilarious to everyone else. It's better they laugh than be creeped out. I have got to break this habit and hopefully very soon because everybody isn't Cam or my son for that matter. OneLuv and God Bless.


The Adventures of Wanting to eat Everything! "Baby Everything Does Not Go In Your Mouth!"

 Now That was a good Day, it was just the fingers!

           *A conversation between Mommy and Cam about why everything has to go in the mouth*:

  • "Cam my man why must you try to fit all those fingers in your mouth poo?"
  • "Well mommy I can't choose just one, they all taste soooo good!"
  • "Cam, My son why must the paci go in your mouth backwards? Isn't that uncomfortable?"
  • "No mommy! Got to explore the whole paci and all its flavors. I got more teeth coming in so it feels alright on my little gums. Be cool mommy, chillax!"
  • "Cam Cam you found out how to put your own shirt sleeves and collar in your mouth, when did this start?"
  • "Mommy you obviously are off track. Pay attention more when I'm chilling in my playpen. You know I'm not always playing!"
  • "I love you Cam!"
  • "I love you to mommy, now let me try to put your shirt, hair and chin in my mouth so I'll have something to chew and suck on while we're killing time."
  • *BABY TWILIGHT* "Ok Edward!" LOL!


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