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Tuesday, January 25, 2011

The Adventures of Wanting to eat Everything! "Baby Everything Does Not Go In Your Mouth!"

 Now That was a good Day, it was just the fingers!

           *A conversation between Mommy and Cam about why everything has to go in the mouth*:

  • "Cam my man why must you try to fit all those fingers in your mouth poo?"
  • "Well mommy I can't choose just one, they all taste soooo good!"
  • "Cam, My son why must the paci go in your mouth backwards? Isn't that uncomfortable?"
  • "No mommy! Got to explore the whole paci and all its flavors. I got more teeth coming in so it feels alright on my little gums. Be cool mommy, chillax!"
  • "Cam Cam you found out how to put your own shirt sleeves and collar in your mouth, when did this start?"
  • "Mommy you obviously are off track. Pay attention more when I'm chilling in my playpen. You know I'm not always playing!"
  • "I love you Cam!"
  • "I love you to mommy, now let me try to put your shirt, hair and chin in my mouth so I'll have something to chew and suck on while we're killing time."
  • *BABY TWILIGHT* "Ok Edward!" LOL!


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