Thank You Epidural Man! You're The Best!

Thursday, January 27, 2011


Uh oh! Some body's woke! Hi Cam

It's been an accomplished day, taking care of business outside and inside of the home today. Did it all on about two hours of sleep from the night before, now I'm feeling it. Just as I start to really feel it Camden wakes up (3:00 in the a.m.) and believes that it's play time. So, he's talking in his big, strong voice, trying to climb up the couch and then down off the couch out of my lap, laughing at anything I do and being super cute by smiling and making cute faces. Obviously trying to fight me on going back to sleep so, nonetheless I have no choice but to fight my sleepies too! Hopefully my body won't break down because my brain is standing on it's one last leg (ha ha)! Ughhhhh! I'm ready to scream but the parenting newsletter I read earlier today informed me of how baby is stressed when mommy is stressed or anxious. Don't want my Cam stressed and I sure don't want to be stressed either over something so juvenile and actually hilarious! Woooosah! Deep breath. Instead of screaming I'll just pray. Thank you Lord for this mommy lesson! Amen. Goodnight, one luv and God Bless.


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