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Tuesday, March 29, 2011

The Greatest Smile I've ever known. An ode to Camden.

It is the greatest smile I've ever known
It came when least expected and through ironic circumstance
The chance to make plans for a full time, lifetime job that seemed very demanding
And now at times patience seems out of reach
But each time those eyes look into mine
My mind can't even continue to be in a state of frustration
Cause patience will come and go
And I know that at the end of each day
It will all come with a price that only a laugh or a hug will pay
His energy is limitless, extensive
and tension can stress but the best part about it
is the smile that he puts on my face
as he plays, as he learns, as he says
Mommy, ga ga, nana and dada
The moments get more and more priceless
While moving quick at the same time
As the months continue to incline
I sit and cherish every last minute
That I'm in it
Because it will only last for so long
As that first year creeps up on me fast
But he will always make me ecstatic
Just knowing that when he came into my zone
I've gotten to experience the greatest smile I've ever known.

Love you Cam!


Thursday, March 24, 2011

This or that? What to do while they're sleeping!

I never thought that the hardest but most excited question that I would one day have to present to myself with would be: What do I do now that my baby is sleep? Honestly, the answer seems as if it should be the easiest answer to find but in all mommy reality (well for me) it's the most flustering question to answer. Now of course there are a variety of things that I certainly would like to accomplish and finish while my little Camden is awoke but as soon as he's sleep it's like a fight to the death amongst all the possible answers or should I say activities I have permission to openly participate in (now that he's sleep). Things like writing a story, a poem or a song, sitting back to enjoy a favorite movie or tv show in peace and quiet and with all my attention, designing or making jewelry, sketching, working on some new dance moves, doing research on google(haha) catching up with an old friend or relative without me or Cam constantly going back in forth interrupting my telephone conversation, conversing or having chill time with my hubby without being screamed and yelled at, recording music, taking a nap, getting up to get food without being yelled and screamed at or simply just watching my fast growing little baby sleep so peacefully. While baby is sleep I usually and very automatically go for one of these pastimes (which is all so very false) but the things that I yearn to do the most while he's woke I often fulfill while he is woke I just don't really get to put all my focus on it like I would want to, but I try to manage my time wisely and still attend to his adventures in growing and knowing mommy. So, when he's sleep most of the time I just lay him right on my chest and watch him until I feel comfortable enough to let him get away from me and into his crib. When it's all said and done this answer and activity beats all the rest because he wont be this small, this precious and this dependent forever, so I'll embrace it now.      



Wednesday, March 23, 2011

A Typical Day in The Life of Camden

Good Morning Mommy, Daddy!

After Breakfast we take some time out for music time.

Now it's time to check emails before Sesame Street comes on!
And check my blog!
Dance Time! Daily Workout!
After Lunch Time I sit and wonder what mischief can I create hmmmm.........
I'll let mommy think she can rest for a few minutes while I bite her finger.
Then read her a book. How about Peter Pan she might like that!
Then I'll get my way!
And after she gets a little frustrated with my tantrums I'll sit on the floor and look super cute.
Snack Time!
Ummm I'm not interested in this fruit.
But I will enjoy this juice!
Uh Oh! Fruit overload.
I think I'll give mommy A little break now!

Daddy's Home! He wants to show off my shoes. Oh brother, I just wanna play.

Hi Five Mommy! Hey, I gotta keep her motivated!

Dinner time! I'd rather eat this than what mommy and Daddy give me for dinner!
I'll help mommy with the laundry!
Is she looking?
Let's see how this sock tastes!
She caught me! Back to work!
Now which drawer do the socks go into?
Finished just in time for me to catch one of my favorite shows.
Ahhh what a day. I'm pooped!

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

My most creative self yet!!!

Old are the days of believing that I had reached the climax of my most creative potential, childbirth changed that. With baby came another boatload of newfound and unknown creativity that was anxiously waiting to be tapped in to. As I look at myself now as a mother and look at myself almost a year ago pre child there's a huge space left open for irony and laughter. Nowadays I find it purely comical that the once kid not so friendly is obsessed with singing handmade baby jams, coming up with baby recipes, finding goofy faces and sounds to get big baby chuckles out, 10,000 ways of playing peekaboo and trying to come up with every silly way of convincing baby to open his mouth when his food is in front of him. Never in a million years would I have thought that my creativity would be more than music, artistry, writing, and crafting. Now my resume has stretched all the way down to flash cards, snack time, working knowledge of all the latest baby songs, creator of time consuming, quiet time and skill building games and baby food guru. At the end of the day I'm a mother who has found the potential or almost potential of her ever evolving creativity and it may be hilarious to old self but really how awesome is that of us fellow mommies!

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