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Tuesday, March 29, 2011

The Greatest Smile I've ever known. An ode to Camden.

It is the greatest smile I've ever known
It came when least expected and through ironic circumstance
The chance to make plans for a full time, lifetime job that seemed very demanding
And now at times patience seems out of reach
But each time those eyes look into mine
My mind can't even continue to be in a state of frustration
Cause patience will come and go
And I know that at the end of each day
It will all come with a price that only a laugh or a hug will pay
His energy is limitless, extensive
and tension can stress but the best part about it
is the smile that he puts on my face
as he plays, as he learns, as he says
Mommy, ga ga, nana and dada
The moments get more and more priceless
While moving quick at the same time
As the months continue to incline
I sit and cherish every last minute
That I'm in it
Because it will only last for so long
As that first year creeps up on me fast
But he will always make me ecstatic
Just knowing that when he came into my zone
I've gotten to experience the greatest smile I've ever known.

Love you Cam!


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