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Wednesday, March 23, 2011

A Typical Day in The Life of Camden

Good Morning Mommy, Daddy!

After Breakfast we take some time out for music time.

Now it's time to check emails before Sesame Street comes on!
And check my blog!
Dance Time! Daily Workout!
After Lunch Time I sit and wonder what mischief can I create hmmmm.........
I'll let mommy think she can rest for a few minutes while I bite her finger.
Then read her a book. How about Peter Pan she might like that!
Then I'll get my way!
And after she gets a little frustrated with my tantrums I'll sit on the floor and look super cute.
Snack Time!
Ummm I'm not interested in this fruit.
But I will enjoy this juice!
Uh Oh! Fruit overload.
I think I'll give mommy A little break now!

Daddy's Home! He wants to show off my shoes. Oh brother, I just wanna play.

Hi Five Mommy! Hey, I gotta keep her motivated!

Dinner time! I'd rather eat this than what mommy and Daddy give me for dinner!
I'll help mommy with the laundry!
Is she looking?
Let's see how this sock tastes!
She caught me! Back to work!
Now which drawer do the socks go into?
Finished just in time for me to catch one of my favorite shows.
Ahhh what a day. I'm pooped!

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