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Sunday, June 12, 2011

Mommy's Guilty Pleasures

Silk brand Almond Milk
*My son loves it and its also just as good for you as milk is if  not better.  It's all natural, tons of nutrients with no preservatives and it's also an alternative for those who are lactose intolerant.*
Diaper changing pad
*Very sanitary when it comes to public restrooms and when your out and about and there isn't a changing table available.*

Plaid shorts
*They're just soooo cute!*

Veggie Tales dvd
*It serves 2 purposes: It teaches stories from the bible in a fun way and it also has good songs and keeps my son sitting still and focused for a minute. lol!*

Aveeno sunblock lotion with oatmeal.
*My son is prone to exzema so I have to be careful what  I use on his skin. This sunblock is not too harsh for his skin, it protects him in the sun and also smells good thanks to the oatmeal, haha.*

Parent's Choice wash and shampoo
*It's 2 in 1 and very affordable and it also lasts for quite a while. Works just as good as brand name shampoo and wash.*

9 0z. Elmo sippy cup with straw
*My son loves Elmo and loves drinking from a straw, so I found this and he loves it!*

Nashville Parent Guide
*To see family and child events happening in my area*

Pampers 12 hour overnight protection diapers
*My favorite brand of diaper. It keeps my Cam dry for a good amount of time.*


*My son loves the hip music and the colors and I must admit hubby and I might like this show a little bit more than Camden does! Lol!*

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