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Saturday, July 30, 2011

My Mommyisms (signature moments in mommyhood)

  • My Cam took his first independent walk at 10 months old and now he's mastered running. lol!
  • My Cam made his first pee pee in the potty at 13 months old. A  and a half week later were trying real hard to catch that 4th pee pee in the potty! But we are staying hopeful. LOL!
  • I like when he says "mommy" (which he just started saying) instead of "mama".
  • He can say "maama" (grandma) and "pawpaw" (grandaddy).
  • He tries to sing his abc's.
  • He took his first dive in the pool.
  • My baby is becoming quite the little singer and dancer. Trying to imitate and keep up with mommy and daddy.
  • He now greets visitors with "Hi baby" and then when they make their exit it's "Bye baby."
  • Every animal he sees is "Cookie".
  • He knows how to say "dirty" when he sees something that's and when mommy (me) doesn't let him get his way.
  • Pawpaw or daddy is sometimes called 'papi" or "papiya". So the spanish toys are obviously working!
  • He wakes up in the morning with great conversation starting each one of with "hi baby" or "Cookie".
  • He now enjoys great conversations, singing and dancing with mommy, helping mommy "try " to clean, playing his instruments, talking on the phone, taking showers and getting his little hand and feet kissed by yours
  • Every joke he now gets and laughs along with even when he's asleep in his crib!
  • He blows kisses back and hugs.

           Love my Cam!


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