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Sunday, August 14, 2011


The older my Cam gets, the more I find myself watching what I say and do while I'm around him. As the months fly by I tend to almost miss the instant moment in time where he learns or figures out something new. So, with that being said I tend to forget how much he is starting to observe and absorb every single thing that is said and done around or in front of him. Oh! My little sponge...... so, here's a list of words that I have to give up for the sake of my Cam.

Horrible and habitual words that have to go bye bye:

1. Shut-up
2. Stupid
3. Give me
4. Mine

Replacement words that have taken over my poor, at-home, lazy/ shortcut vocabulary:

1. Instead of shut-up I now use: Be quiet or Shhhhhh!
2. Oppose to describing something that is frustrating: stupid I now say: Absolutely nothing or just whisper it to myself.
3. Instead of saying give me (while ironically trying to teach my son manners) I now say: May I have that please and then I will say "thank you."
4. Last but not least when I want my little boy to know when something is not his and is mommy's I will say: That is yours because you asked nicely for it and this is mommy's because I worked for it!!!


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