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Sunday, November 20, 2011

Learning What It Takes To Be A Mother

  • Sacrificing sleeping in on Saturdays.
  • It's work and NOONE ever says it's easy (that's not said for aa reason I see).
  • Becoming familiar with the sight of toys EVERYWHERE and always coming from every direction.
  • Sacrificing your "alone and quiet" bathroom time.
  • Mastering the art form of lifting strollers, baby and diaper bag.
  • Serious multi-tasking.
  • Sacrificing an always spotless house.
  • Exploring the ups and downs and magic tricks of potty training.
  • What's mine.....they always want: SHARING ALOT MORE (in lamest terms).
  • Experiencing the touch, smell and sight of every baby body fluid.
  • Being in love on a completely different level than I've ever experienced before.
  • Mommy timeouts are essential to try to avoid mommy breakdowns and blackouts.
  • Becoming accustomed to packing EVERYTHING lightly.
  • Sugar replacements.
  • Choosing quality time over smaller priorities, then trying to juggle the smaller priorities after the fact.
  • Making time away significant in some sense.
  • Going ALL THE WAY OUTSIDE OF YOURSELF each day because you are now not only just living for you, you are sharing your existence with someone else who looks to you and up to you for everything.
  • Loving every little moment that you may have overlooked before you were a mother.
  • Seeing that there is another reason to live, to be the best and to be thankful.
  • When the two of you are sick, they are always the immediate sick one, you're sickness can wait until next week. There's no battle between the sickness', his/her sickness always wins.
  • Growth in vocabulary and disposal of some old vocabulary choice words.
  • Couldn't imagine my life without him and really don't want to.

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