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Friday, December 30, 2011

New Years Reflections

This year has made me feel like I've stumbled upon a new life and perspective that accompanies motherhood. For my New Years I will not focus on Resolutions but I will look back on everything that made everything else possible this year. These are the things that I will Reflect on in motherhood.

New Years Reflections:


Wednesday, December 28, 2011

My Favorite Things(holiday edition)

Going to see The Nutcracker.

Ghirardelli christmas bark candy

Yankee Candle Spiced Pumpkin candles

Yankee Candle Farmers Market candle

Candy Flavored Candy Canes

The sweet aroma of pine cones


Gingerbread Cookies

Apple Cider

Christmas Lights

Eggnog +
Ginger ale= yummy holiday drink

Of course a classic

The smell of gift wrap


Andes Mints
Another Christmas comedy!
A childhood favorite.
Love this Song!

Beautifully decorated white christmas trees

Thursday, December 22, 2011

Mommy's Christmas List

Dear Santa mommy's have wishes too! Here is my Christmas list I promise I have tried to be good this year. These are the things I hope for:
1. Plastic covered walls, floors and furniture.
2. A plastic bubble to put Cam in to block out unnecessary germs.
3. A mommy vacation.
4.Successful potty training before age two.
5. To exercise without Cam thinking it's a tag game.
6. To wake up with the same natural energy that Cam has when he wakes up.
7. For people (especially strangers) to know to ask mommy before offering candy (hard, big candy pieces especially).
8. For Cam to wash himself up at least once a week, so mommy can be spared a back ache.
9. To next year put the Christmas tree up way before we are down to one week before Christmas.
10. More coupons!
11. More energy!
12. Better time management or more hours in the day.
13. The desire to at least like to wash dishes, so I wont feel like I'm cutting myself slowly while slaving over the sink.
14. Next time for it to be a girl.
15. For Cam to stop growing so fast.
16. For Cam's intelligence to not catch up with mine before he turns two!

And  oh I know there's plenty more to add but so far these are the most significant things that I can come up with....... that is for the present time. Until them Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to everyone! God Bless


Tuesday, December 20, 2011

A mother's epiphany.

"After having my child I'm learning more and more how my existence revolves around him and his existence depends on mine."


Friday, December 16, 2011

On The Last Bar

So now I say how my phone feels when I using it and I exert it so much that after talking and texting and making outgoing calls on it for a few hours it responds with one single bar left, in desperate need of recharging. Well, now I'm starting to see the older they get the more active they get and the more I become like my cell phone. Work here, play there, clean this, feed me, bathe me, clothe me, feed yourself, bathe yourself, clothe yourself, make time for hobbies, make time for husband and wife time, write this, schedule this, check on this.....blah blah blah and etc.... until BAM! My battery has been running wild and I realize at that particular time of the day I am down to one more bar until my battery dies. Everybody needs recharging and it's important for me to remember sometimes that I need to stop and put myself on the charger because noone can run on a one bar battery. Not even me. So, it's important to know when you are ON THE LAST BAR and in need of recharging. A dead battery has no use for anyone or anything.


Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Turning bath time into a toddler's water land.

What do you get when you add water, a shallow filled bathtub, a nice long detachable shower head, and Camden? You get swimming, independent shower spraying, dancing, belly rolling, water on the floor, laughs, big splashes, belly flops and good clean fun.......literally! Bath time has gotten remixed at the Miller's residence.

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