Thank You Epidural Man! You're The Best!

Sunday, November 6, 2011


So my precious baby boy has made his first attempt to jump out of his crib while alone in the room and quite frankly he succeeded in his attempt. Scared straight I soon attached myself to the anxieties that come with having a 17 month old that has figured out how to climb out of the bed. Although the crib bar was raised (literally) to resolve this frightful issue, I still was scarred from that crib jumping incident. Every night I wake up multiple times almost jumping completely out of the covers to peek over and check on Cam. Each time scaring my husband half to death. Most recently I had this dream that all three of us were sleeping outside in front of an old family members house (cam sleeping on the porch and my hubby and I sleeping at the bottom of the porch steps) and we wake up to see Cam tumbling down. UGHHHH! This is really nerve wrecking. Well obviously this crib jumping is considered quite normal (scary but normal) and it's been a growing trend for years. Ohhh the toddler years fun fun not so fun times and adventures. What do you have up next for me?


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