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Friday, December 16, 2011

On The Last Bar

So now I say how my phone feels when I using it and I exert it so much that after talking and texting and making outgoing calls on it for a few hours it responds with one single bar left, in desperate need of recharging. Well, now I'm starting to see the older they get the more active they get and the more I become like my cell phone. Work here, play there, clean this, feed me, bathe me, clothe me, feed yourself, bathe yourself, clothe yourself, make time for hobbies, make time for husband and wife time, write this, schedule this, check on this.....blah blah blah and etc.... until BAM! My battery has been running wild and I realize at that particular time of the day I am down to one more bar until my battery dies. Everybody needs recharging and it's important for me to remember sometimes that I need to stop and put myself on the charger because noone can run on a one bar battery. Not even me. So, it's important to know when you are ON THE LAST BAR and in need of recharging. A dead battery has no use for anyone or anything.


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