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Thursday, May 3, 2012

Reinventing Me

As of lately I have been going through a chameleon phase. Ive been subconsciously blending into my main focal environment. So, the time has come to once again step outside of this comfort zone that I seem to get comfortable in. It's time to reawaken my desire to create and just reenergize my mind. It's time for me to venture outside of this chameleon suit that I've put on. It's that time of my life to find out what really interests me and gets my creative juices flowing. Oneluv and Godbless


Saturday, March 31, 2012

Camden Says The Darndest Things!

That's perfect
I knew that
There we go
You ok milk's?
Eat it mommy!
Where did you get that shoe from?
Here I'll hold it
I like that too!
I'm a pirate
I'll get it
What is she doing?


Thursday, March 29, 2012

When The To-Do List Goes Out Of The Window

As a lover of writing, I constantly find myself writing everything down at any moment of the day whether it be important or just leisure. So, of course the arrival of mommyhood and married life have made the once busy things in my life even busier now. The infamous to-do lists (yes it is plural for a reason) have became a well known staple surrounding my every thought, computer, journal, wall calendar, refrigerator to-do list and android phone apped environment. Ironically, there is always a hearty chunk of to-do's that do not get done and ultimately wind up on the next new to-do list. The whole point for a to-do list is to remember to do these things in case I get a brain fog and my memory stops working for a bit. It does no good when I end up forgetting the things I wrote down (one thousand times) for the whole purpose of not forgetting. I know I can't be the only mommy out here with a severe case of forgetting to-do what's on the ever increasing to-do lists! Please prove me wrong! How often does this happen to other mommies and future mommies on the go? Please share the juicy details of your own little mommy handicap!


Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Sunday, March 25, 2012

Camden says the darndest things! Cam's funny qoutes of the week.

Come on mommy lets go home
Goodnight, i love you balloons
Who is that? Daddy?
Come on balloons
I was having fun with that
What is he doing
I dont like that
Answer the phone
Ready to go mommy?
Whats goin on with grandma?
Excuse me mommy


Friday, March 16, 2012

Back To Work I Go

Ahhhhh! Back to the incredible world of working! This week brought a heavy change to my mommy schedule. On Monday morning I started work again full time after  six months of job hunting. Although I like to categorize myself under "moms that really like to work and feel a sense of accomplishing something by working and professional adult interaction" I also love spending a good chunk of daytime with my baby boy. So, of course I experienced a moment of being trapped by that huge bittersweet feeling of being happy to be back to work but also being a little sad about losing that extra special time with my son. But I realized that at the end of the day I am blessed to see what is still the beauty of my day regardless of how many hours I work which is: still making time for my hubby and especially for my son in spite of every other task that I have to take care of in this sometimes busy place called life. Its amazing to see the beauty of hidden energy, a little creativity and a yearning to just make the most of whatever time I have to spend with my boy. That is my great reward at the end of the work day. So, all in all I guess I kind of do have the best of both worlds all depending on how I percieve it and what I choose to make out of the time that I have with the baby boy that I love.


Destination Pedestals

As I enter back into the workforce yet once again after being (forcefully) unemployed for the past six months I enter with A newfound perspective. This time I will be used as a light instead of being used as a tool of pessimism and complaining. This time I will continuously ask God to humble so the things that I have sacrificed will result into gratitude and motivation to do greater things to follow. This is not my forever this is my right now. This is the place in my life that I am in right now and if I really desire something greater I will continue to allow right now to boost me into the next wonderful and more satisfying place or shall I say destination that God has put in my heart and in me to manifest. So, I look at this job or shall I say opportunity as not a stumbling block but a stepping stool to further me to my next pedestal that will further lead me to my great destination. Yes! Im gonna embrace the ride there. The blessing is always in the lesson. Oneluv and GodBless.


Thursday, March 15, 2012

Camden says the darndest things! Quotes from this week:

I love you honey
I want the lion
Thank you very much
I got a message
No thank you very much
I miss u too bubbles
Im so happy
I love u too milks (milk)
Happy birthday to me
Sorry milks (milk)
I'm behind you mommy


Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Picture Story Wednesday

Time for me to get used to Mr. Potty! Mr. Independent.

Friday, March 9, 2012

A Life Full of Sweeping and Mopping

OK! No one ever warned me that one of the huge changes that came with  motherhood was to always keep your broom, dustpan and mop on standby! Yes, this is yet another acquired skill that I wish I could use on my resume. I think there is a secret code between toddlers that says "experimentation=big messes!" Since I am a fan for my child's sense of exploration I often let him indulge in getting a little messy but I also use great caution when doing so. Therefore I am sincerely grateful for Mr. Broom and Mr. Mop.  I have also found a great deal of respect for Mr. Swiffer! LOL! So, yes I have come to the realization that this life of motherhood will get a little messy from time to time but the beauty of having resources to clean up these small messes is priceless. As long as my life is full of sweeping and mopping I can keep at least some things under control. What is your life full of at the moment? Share your acquired motherhood skill.


Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Picture Story Wednesday!

So, I've been observing a lot of blog activity lately from fellow bloggers (yes I've been snooping around) and I've come to find out that Wednesdays seem to be "Wordless Wednesday". Well after this recent observation I pondered whether or not I would follow this blog ritual. After long and deep consideration I decided to just start my own "Wordless Wednesday" ritual just with a little twist or should I say remix! Introducing: Picture Story Wednesday!

Laundry Day Adventures with Mommy and Cam


Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Cam says the darnest things (cam's funny and unexpected quotes)

"Go party!"
"Come on let's go mommy!"
"Oh no here he comes!"
"I like this song!"
"Ummm I like this lunch!"


Friday, March 2, 2012

The two's are coming! The two's are coming!

That's right! It's almost that time of the year guessed it: Birthday Time! Although this time is a little or should I say A lot different from last year, this year my baby boy is entering phase 2: the second year of his toddler life! With the abrupt coming of age two, I have been presented with the uncomfortable traits that it's bringing along. Traits such as: whining, hitting, kicking, ignoring instructions and experimenting with mischief. Yes, I have my work cut out for me and this is just a sneak peek (hopefully it stays at this level throughout his phase two)! Although I'm grateful that this isn't as bad as other mothers have said and witnessed it to be I also pray that I am mentally and physically prepared for all that "phase two" has to offer to this amateur mommy.


Thursday, March 1, 2012

Getting Into Character

Recently I stumbled upon an interesting article in a magazine which featured mommy celebrity actress, Katherine Hiegl. In the article Katherine shared that during her nightly storytime hour with her daughter, she would always embellish the stories a bit by making different accents for different characters. I was happy to know that someone else was doing this besides me, but it also led me to think how many other non actress/ celebrity moms do this same storytime ritual with thier children? What is your storytime voice/voices? Do you have any or any favorite stories that your little one picks in particular? For example some of mine are:The Three Little Kittens: british accent, Green Eggs and Ham: spanish accent. I also just love the stories that allow you to muster up the most creative character voices and go to town on a variety of voices and sounds. Some of my favorites in that category are: Are You My Mother and also The Tooth Book and a few nameless others . To sum everything up in all fairness, this innocent time with my son secretly allows me to explore my inner actress. Something that I can do at the cost of my entertained son and sometimes very entertained hubby lol!


Monday, February 27, 2012

The thing about motherhood................

"Nobody says it was going to be easy but I'm seeing that it's worth it, all that's complicated and all that's amazing."

Thursday, February 23, 2012

When someone says all the things you don't want your kids to repeat.

Last night marked a very bad and nervous moment for me in mommyhood. My ears shockingly experienced my 21 month old son blurt out the f* bomb. Now mind you we don't even allow ourselves or family to blurt out anything relative to a curse word and I thought by doing that I was in the safe zone by preventing all foul language from entering my sons ears and exiting through his lips. Mommy lesson learned number 101: You cannot control the words that come out of the mouth of a stranger. Hence when I say strangers I mean the angry lady in the checkout lane, the disgruntled old man in the parking lot, the frustrated teenager walking around the store. These people do not care if your child is in the "copycat" phase of his toddler years. These people don't really care to have a filter either. I greatly appreciate the kind strangers who will turn on their filters when they see a little one around, but for those who don't, I guess I will just try to run far away from them while immediately praying that my son will not copy their poor choice of words. Until he decides what to and what not to copy, I as the parent have to simply open my mouth and let him know (ahead of time) "Do not say that!That's a very bad word!" For example just as my son and I witness small children in the store throw huge temper tantrums, my response is to quickly look him in the eye while saying "Don't even think about it! That's a no-no!" I'm guessing that there's not much of a difference in what you try to prevent, so your child knows what you as the parent will not allow.  So, this is my ode to the end of foul language from outsiders, repeated by my impressionable baby boy.


Wednesday, February 22, 2012

The single mom vs. the married mom

Over the years I have watched a few of my childhood friends become single moms, not by choice but by choice of men to procreate with. So, of course I've been an ear for many single mom moments, single mom breakdowns and single mom lectures. Don't get me wrong I have a huge place in my heart for sympathizing with single moms doing it alone but with me being a married mother I will never be able to truly feel or experience the trials that they endure as single mothers. now for a quick second I believed that all mothers share some type of trial when it comes to sacrifice and subconsciously putting yourself second: financially, physically and mentally. But today marked my change of heart. While talking to a friend I shared with her the trials that mothers endure as she vented to me her frustrations about financially doing everything alone and how the sacrifices seemed a bit overwhelming. So naturally my response was: we as mothers always sacrifice what we want financially and what's financially sensible (when we have children) but coming from the perspective of a married mom (with financial help) it did not rub her the right way. Which ultimately brought me to think: Is it now bad to be a "married mom" oppose to a "single mom"? Is there a thin line or is there a very thick bright line that separates how we should feel towards a single moms rants and vents? Am I wrong for my choice in who I chose to procreate with? I mean because we all have to make that choice that we have to live with for the rest of our lives. So, the question is why do I suddenly feel tricked into feeling bad for being a married mother? I didn't allow myself to continue to feel that way not even two minutes after that conversation was over because being married to the father of my child is not my fault it was my blessing and I will not feel bad about it because of someone else's shortcomings or life choices.  Has anyone else been subject to feeling bad for having help financially, physically or emotionally by single mother friends or just single friends? Is this a growing epidemic that I was unaware of or is it just me?


Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Quote of my day

"Heels+stroller+25 lb. Camden+stairs+walking=already tired mommy! Small sacrifices=big rewards. The fun has already begun!"
Have a great day everyone!


Monday, February 20, 2012

In the words of Camden

Everyday my little mini me stays busy shouting out new phrases and putting to use new vocabulary to shock and amaze everyone. So, today as we took our little mommy and Cam walk we picked up sticks, conversed and watched the cars pass by. As one car rode by us very loudly Cam turned toward the car and belted out "Be careful! Be gentle car!" With those words being said all I could do was giggle at my son's instructions to what he felt was a harmful car. Lol!


Friday, February 17, 2012

Witnessing the makings of a first time mother

Over the last week I got to experience witnessing a beautiful baby come into the world by noone other than one of my beautiful best friends. I took a whole week away from my hubby and munchkie to journey back to my hometown to share an unforgetable experience with one of my childhood best friends. My intentions for the trip was to go there to be apart of the support system for my friend and I ended up feeling like the one who got a special gift from this experience. I got the divine opportunity to watch my good friend step into the wonderful world of motherhood in all her marvelous glory. Now mind you I had never witnessed anyone go into labor. I had never even been in a delivery room(excpet for my own) so of course I was nervous I was definitely not a fan of seeing bodily fluids or people in pain let alone my own. But I was so glad to be there with my friend during this miraculous life changing event. After being in that room watching her take in needles, contractions and all the other scary things that labor brings, I realized that there was a strength, a motherly and deeper connection and beauty in that moment. I witnessed my best friend transform into a powerful force that day. I gained a deeper level of love, respect and sisterly bond with my friend that day. Yes I missed my baby, yes I missed my hubby and yes I missed my home but this trip in particular was worth it. I was able to witness my very good childhood friend become a mommy for the first time. I got to witness the makings of a mother. I love and I'm so proud of you best friend, ms. Mommy, Samika.


Tuesday, February 7, 2012

A baby's coming, a baby's coming!

So, yesterday I thought a baby was coming. What baby you ask? My precious nephew Mr. Gavin himself. As I journeyed back to my hometown (Cleveland, OH) last Friday, in the hopes of waiting it out with one of my bestest friends to support her as she prepared for his Saturday due date. But this little bouncing baby boy has other plans and is gonna make us wait until he is ready to come out. After the events that yesterday afternoon brought, I was pretty sure that my precious little nephew would be gracing us with his presence later on that evening. He tricked us! Yes he's got us all on the edge of our seats waiting to see his handsome little face. I just can't wait until he decides to come out and see who's all been anxiously waiting to see him. Love you boop boop!

Friday, February 3, 2012

Seeing the little girl come out

On a very beautiful Saturday afternoon I headed to a suprise destination that my hubby setup for my son and I. As I got closer to the bridgestone arena I began to figure out what the suprise event was. It was the CIRCUS! We got to our seats and I suddenly got locked into 4 year old mode. It was like being a kid all over again. The more I watched my son clap, dance and "wow" in complete excitement the more I became even more excited and enveloped in the whole experience. Everything from "oohs" to "ahhs" to "look" to screams to claps to dancing came from not just my son but also my hubby and myself while I danced around in my little four year old girl world. As the show came to a close I almost found myself in the midst of letting a pout come to my face. It was soooo great! An experience that every adult should have once a year, kids or no kids just for the fun of having fun and embracing their inner child. Which made me appreciate having a child even more: more of an excuse to enjoy the innocence and fun in things that seem to be labled "age appropriate only!" I sincerely enjoyed myself along with hubby and son and I can't wait until the next fun filled event. Question of the day: when and where was your last childlike moment where you found yourself shockingly embracing your inner child?


Thursday, February 2, 2012

The unbreakable bond between a mom and her child.

There will never be anyone like my mother. No one will ever come close to her, not even an inch and no matter what disputes or conflict may arise in our mother-daughter relationship I will still love my mother the same. As I look at the bond that I have with my son I  find myself appreciating and loving my mom even more. They say you connect with your mom on a completely different level when you become a mommy. I obviously found that fact to be one of the greatest perks of motherhood. Although circumstances in life may get rocky and others may try to take over the role of mommy no one will "truly take over the role as mommy". The bond between mom and child is a miraculous, strong, silent, instinctive, sometimes questionable but overall everlasting sense of commitment and sacrificial out of body experience that can show us how great love is. I look forward to my growing and unbreakable bond with my son and my mother in then near future. Nothing is more awesome than the lifelong connections that God places in our lives: marriage, parenthood and embracing the people in our immediate circle. I am grateful for the bond that I can hold in my heart forever and also pass down to my son.

Thursday, January 12, 2012

Being a mom means........

  • Buying bannanas everytime you go to the store when you don't even eat bananas. 
  • Caving into the family bed, knowing your child is a wild sleeper.
  • Whistling the theme song of Caillou randomly while out and about.
  • Prohibiting drinks after 8 o clock because you know the consequences.
  • Having brain Farts quite frequently.
  • Cleaning 3 times a day if not more.
  • Excited to have a mommy break than missing your child an hour later.
  • Having a love/hate relationship with your hair and potty training.
  • Finding yourself occasionally stalking other moms in attempt to find mommy friends.
  • Realizing that being patient is an understatement.
  • Seeing someone else's pregnant baby bump and being terrified but also in awe at the same time.
  • Anticipating your little ones bedtime so you can have some quiet time to be productive or do something adult-like then winding up falling asleep yourself.
There's plenty more to come in the near future................. until then peace!


This blog was inspired by a very great book that I stumbled upon by Harry H. Harrison Jr.

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

identity ink: Jay-Z’s Surprise Gift to Blue Ivy Carter

identity ink: Jay-Z’s Surprise Gift to Blue Ivy Carter: If a father could do one thing to make the world a better place for his newborn daughter, what do you think it would be. World peace? Safe...

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

The Mommy Police

Every mother (new mother especially) falls victim to them over the course of their adventures in mommy land. You know the unnecessary and sometimes necessarily helpful but scolding banters from the special task force known as the mommy police. As if we don’t police ourselves enough on what we should do, don’t do, overdo and try to do. Now I will not completely be against them, they are amongst us for a reason because sometimes we mommies do slip here and there and we don’t know EVERYTHING! That just goes to show that other people care about some things we may have unconsciously overlook and also for our little ones safety. For that I am grateful, but what I am not grateful for is the corrupt force of mommy police who sometimes tend to do it to get their kicks or just to point out and judge every tiny detail of how someone chooses to raise their child. Every parent is different! We all have different coping mechanisms for our children’s routines and behaviors so, in all fairness instead of helping that mommy out who’s been verbally and physically (by child) beat to a pulp, that poor mommy is getting harped over for what she didn’t do or the choices she has made in raising her child. Every mommy’s upbringing, environment, beliefs and ways of thinking are all various, so what is judging her going to really do for her children or her own shortcomings? I admit I have fallen into the traps of being the mommy basher (the corrupt mommy police) without even taking into consideration all the aspects of the circumstance and I vow from now on to try and never judge a fellow mommy because being a mommy is not the most easiest task. I feel that we as mothers tend to do this also sometimes to each other. One thing that I realized is that we mommies need to stick together! If we are against us then that leaves less who are for us. Nobody can truly understand the trials, joys and pains of motherhood better than a fellow mother. So, let’s let the mommy police do their jobs of helping and not harming, let’s put the mommy bashers out of business(by making them irrelevant) and let us stick together and enjoy the shared details, advice and bonds along the way.


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