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Tuesday, January 10, 2012

The Mommy Police

Every mother (new mother especially) falls victim to them over the course of their adventures in mommy land. You know the unnecessary and sometimes necessarily helpful but scolding banters from the special task force known as the mommy police. As if we don’t police ourselves enough on what we should do, don’t do, overdo and try to do. Now I will not completely be against them, they are amongst us for a reason because sometimes we mommies do slip here and there and we don’t know EVERYTHING! That just goes to show that other people care about some things we may have unconsciously overlook and also for our little ones safety. For that I am grateful, but what I am not grateful for is the corrupt force of mommy police who sometimes tend to do it to get their kicks or just to point out and judge every tiny detail of how someone chooses to raise their child. Every parent is different! We all have different coping mechanisms for our children’s routines and behaviors so, in all fairness instead of helping that mommy out who’s been verbally and physically (by child) beat to a pulp, that poor mommy is getting harped over for what she didn’t do or the choices she has made in raising her child. Every mommy’s upbringing, environment, beliefs and ways of thinking are all various, so what is judging her going to really do for her children or her own shortcomings? I admit I have fallen into the traps of being the mommy basher (the corrupt mommy police) without even taking into consideration all the aspects of the circumstance and I vow from now on to try and never judge a fellow mommy because being a mommy is not the most easiest task. I feel that we as mothers tend to do this also sometimes to each other. One thing that I realized is that we mommies need to stick together! If we are against us then that leaves less who are for us. Nobody can truly understand the trials, joys and pains of motherhood better than a fellow mother. So, let’s let the mommy police do their jobs of helping and not harming, let’s put the mommy bashers out of business(by making them irrelevant) and let us stick together and enjoy the shared details, advice and bonds along the way.


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