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Thursday, February 2, 2012

The unbreakable bond between a mom and her child.

There will never be anyone like my mother. No one will ever come close to her, not even an inch and no matter what disputes or conflict may arise in our mother-daughter relationship I will still love my mother the same. As I look at the bond that I have with my son I  find myself appreciating and loving my mom even more. They say you connect with your mom on a completely different level when you become a mommy. I obviously found that fact to be one of the greatest perks of motherhood. Although circumstances in life may get rocky and others may try to take over the role of mommy no one will "truly take over the role as mommy". The bond between mom and child is a miraculous, strong, silent, instinctive, sometimes questionable but overall everlasting sense of commitment and sacrificial out of body experience that can show us how great love is. I look forward to my growing and unbreakable bond with my son and my mother in then near future. Nothing is more awesome than the lifelong connections that God places in our lives: marriage, parenthood and embracing the people in our immediate circle. I am grateful for the bond that I can hold in my heart forever and also pass down to my son.

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