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Friday, February 17, 2012

Witnessing the makings of a first time mother

Over the last week I got to experience witnessing a beautiful baby come into the world by noone other than one of my beautiful best friends. I took a whole week away from my hubby and munchkie to journey back to my hometown to share an unforgetable experience with one of my childhood best friends. My intentions for the trip was to go there to be apart of the support system for my friend and I ended up feeling like the one who got a special gift from this experience. I got the divine opportunity to watch my good friend step into the wonderful world of motherhood in all her marvelous glory. Now mind you I had never witnessed anyone go into labor. I had never even been in a delivery room(excpet for my own) so of course I was nervous I was definitely not a fan of seeing bodily fluids or people in pain let alone my own. But I was so glad to be there with my friend during this miraculous life changing event. After being in that room watching her take in needles, contractions and all the other scary things that labor brings, I realized that there was a strength, a motherly and deeper connection and beauty in that moment. I witnessed my best friend transform into a powerful force that day. I gained a deeper level of love, respect and sisterly bond with my friend that day. Yes I missed my baby, yes I missed my hubby and yes I missed my home but this trip in particular was worth it. I was able to witness my very good childhood friend become a mommy for the first time. I got to witness the makings of a mother. I love and I'm so proud of you best friend, ms. Mommy, Samika.


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