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Friday, March 16, 2012

Destination Pedestals

As I enter back into the workforce yet once again after being (forcefully) unemployed for the past six months I enter with A newfound perspective. This time I will be used as a light instead of being used as a tool of pessimism and complaining. This time I will continuously ask God to humble so the things that I have sacrificed will result into gratitude and motivation to do greater things to follow. This is not my forever this is my right now. This is the place in my life that I am in right now and if I really desire something greater I will continue to allow right now to boost me into the next wonderful and more satisfying place or shall I say destination that God has put in my heart and in me to manifest. So, I look at this job or shall I say opportunity as not a stumbling block but a stepping stool to further me to my next pedestal that will further lead me to my great destination. Yes! Im gonna embrace the ride there. The blessing is always in the lesson. Oneluv and GodBless.


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