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Friday, February 3, 2012

Seeing the little girl come out

On a very beautiful Saturday afternoon I headed to a suprise destination that my hubby setup for my son and I. As I got closer to the bridgestone arena I began to figure out what the suprise event was. It was the CIRCUS! We got to our seats and I suddenly got locked into 4 year old mode. It was like being a kid all over again. The more I watched my son clap, dance and "wow" in complete excitement the more I became even more excited and enveloped in the whole experience. Everything from "oohs" to "ahhs" to "look" to screams to claps to dancing came from not just my son but also my hubby and myself while I danced around in my little four year old girl world. As the show came to a close I almost found myself in the midst of letting a pout come to my face. It was soooo great! An experience that every adult should have once a year, kids or no kids just for the fun of having fun and embracing their inner child. Which made me appreciate having a child even more: more of an excuse to enjoy the innocence and fun in things that seem to be labled "age appropriate only!" I sincerely enjoyed myself along with hubby and son and I can't wait until the next fun filled event. Question of the day: when and where was your last childlike moment where you found yourself shockingly embracing your inner child?


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