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Thursday, February 23, 2012

When someone says all the things you don't want your kids to repeat.

Last night marked a very bad and nervous moment for me in mommyhood. My ears shockingly experienced my 21 month old son blurt out the f* bomb. Now mind you we don't even allow ourselves or family to blurt out anything relative to a curse word and I thought by doing that I was in the safe zone by preventing all foul language from entering my sons ears and exiting through his lips. Mommy lesson learned number 101: You cannot control the words that come out of the mouth of a stranger. Hence when I say strangers I mean the angry lady in the checkout lane, the disgruntled old man in the parking lot, the frustrated teenager walking around the store. These people do not care if your child is in the "copycat" phase of his toddler years. These people don't really care to have a filter either. I greatly appreciate the kind strangers who will turn on their filters when they see a little one around, but for those who don't, I guess I will just try to run far away from them while immediately praying that my son will not copy their poor choice of words. Until he decides what to and what not to copy, I as the parent have to simply open my mouth and let him know (ahead of time) "Do not say that!That's a very bad word!" For example just as my son and I witness small children in the store throw huge temper tantrums, my response is to quickly look him in the eye while saying "Don't even think about it! That's a no-no!" I'm guessing that there's not much of a difference in what you try to prevent, so your child knows what you as the parent will not allow.  So, this is my ode to the end of foul language from outsiders, repeated by my impressionable baby boy.


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