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Thursday, March 1, 2012

Getting Into Character

Recently I stumbled upon an interesting article in a magazine which featured mommy celebrity actress, Katherine Hiegl. In the article Katherine shared that during her nightly storytime hour with her daughter, she would always embellish the stories a bit by making different accents for different characters. I was happy to know that someone else was doing this besides me, but it also led me to think how many other non actress/ celebrity moms do this same storytime ritual with thier children? What is your storytime voice/voices? Do you have any or any favorite stories that your little one picks in particular? For example some of mine are:The Three Little Kittens: british accent, Green Eggs and Ham: spanish accent. I also just love the stories that allow you to muster up the most creative character voices and go to town on a variety of voices and sounds. Some of my favorites in that category are: Are You My Mother and also The Tooth Book and a few nameless others . To sum everything up in all fairness, this innocent time with my son secretly allows me to explore my inner actress. Something that I can do at the cost of my entertained son and sometimes very entertained hubby lol!


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