Thank You Epidural Man! You're The Best!

Friday, March 9, 2012

A Life Full of Sweeping and Mopping

OK! No one ever warned me that one of the huge changes that came with  motherhood was to always keep your broom, dustpan and mop on standby! Yes, this is yet another acquired skill that I wish I could use on my resume. I think there is a secret code between toddlers that says "experimentation=big messes!" Since I am a fan for my child's sense of exploration I often let him indulge in getting a little messy but I also use great caution when doing so. Therefore I am sincerely grateful for Mr. Broom and Mr. Mop.  I have also found a great deal of respect for Mr. Swiffer! LOL! So, yes I have come to the realization that this life of motherhood will get a little messy from time to time but the beauty of having resources to clean up these small messes is priceless. As long as my life is full of sweeping and mopping I can keep at least some things under control. What is your life full of at the moment? Share your acquired motherhood skill.


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