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Thursday, March 29, 2012

When The To-Do List Goes Out Of The Window

As a lover of writing, I constantly find myself writing everything down at any moment of the day whether it be important or just leisure. So, of course the arrival of mommyhood and married life have made the once busy things in my life even busier now. The infamous to-do lists (yes it is plural for a reason) have became a well known staple surrounding my every thought, computer, journal, wall calendar, refrigerator to-do list and android phone apped environment. Ironically, there is always a hearty chunk of to-do's that do not get done and ultimately wind up on the next new to-do list. The whole point for a to-do list is to remember to do these things in case I get a brain fog and my memory stops working for a bit. It does no good when I end up forgetting the things I wrote down (one thousand times) for the whole purpose of not forgetting. I know I can't be the only mommy out here with a severe case of forgetting to-do what's on the ever increasing to-do lists! Please prove me wrong! How often does this happen to other mommies and future mommies on the go? Please share the juicy details of your own little mommy handicap!


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